What happened inside the pyramid?

What happened to them inside the pyramid?

Hello kids, I want to tell you that ‘Uncle Augustus’ and his family visited to Egyptian Pyramid for enjoyment. Some strange incidents happened to them today and they are mentioned in this story you can read this story with comfort.

Hello kids, I want to tell you that 'Uncle Augustus' and his family visited to Egyptian Pyramid for enjoyment.

Luke ran over to his uncle. ‘Uncle Augustus, what happened?’ There was no reply. Luke’s uncle simply lay there staring upwards, his eyes open wide, Gradually, his lips began to move. “The curse of Amamun! The curse of Amamun!’ he moaned. Lizzie frowned. ‘Who’s Amamun?’

Luke took his handheld computer out of his bag and wrote the word ‘Amamun’ on the screen using a special pen. Seconds later, the answer appeared.

Amamun, Egyptian pharaoh. Lived some 3,000 years ago. Was reputed to have magical powers because he would place curses on his enemies, and they would then suffer all kinds of disasters. One country that tried to invade Egypt had its crops devoured by swarms of locusts. A traitor was killed in his sleep by a cobra, and thieves who tried to break into the pharaoh’s palace were overcome by a mysterious illness which made them walk like zombies. They died shortly afterwards.

The three Tigers looked at one another in horror. Walk like zombies. That was just what Uncle Augustus and his assistants had been doing!

‘What… what shall we do?’ whispered Lizzie.

‘It’s probably nothing. I expect they were just overcome by the heat inside the pyramid,’ Luke said. ‘I read somewhere that the air inside these old tombs sometimes contains invisible particles of mould that cause breathing problems. Maybe that’s what’s happened here.’ They took a closer look at the people lying on the ground. They seemed to be fast asleep but breathing normally.

‘We’ll have to go inside the pyramid and investigate,’ Luke said. Nervously, Patrick and Lizzie agreed.

To be on the safe side, the Tigers tied damp cloths over their mouths and noses to protect them against any particles in the air.

Inside the ancient pyramid, the strange droning noise had stopped, and it was so quiet they could hear their hearts beating. In front of them was a steep flight of steps, with flickering oil lamps at regular intervals casting a faint light on the passageway. The three Tigers crept cautiously up the stairs, daring to imagine what awaited them at the top.

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Eventually, they came out into a narrow room with a low ceiling and several niches set into the walls. They switched on their torches and shone them into the niches.

‘Wow!’ exclaimed Patrick. They were looking at a series of dusty grey bundles. ‘They’re mummies.’

‘Yes, but they’re mummified animals, not humans,’ Luke pointed out. “There’s not much of them left. They’ve been eaten by insects or something. All that’s left is the bandages.’ ‘I didn’t know the ancient Egyptians mummified their animals,’ Lizzie murmured.

‘Oh yes. They were meant to keep the dead person company on their journey to the next world, and bring them luck,’ Luke explained. ‘What kind of animals do you think these were?’ Lizzie asked.

I want to ask you a question.

Can you work out what kinds of animals they were?

Note: Have a look at last three paragraphs.

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