The Mummy will wake up in the Egyptian Pyramid

The Mummy will wake up in the Egyptian Pyramid

Hello Kids Today, when Uncle August and his family reached the Pyramid, So there the Egyptian Mummy woke up. And more story is told below.


The Tiger Team hurried out of the chamber of mummified animals, and along a narrow passageway that led to another small room. There appeared to be no way out except back the way they had come.

Hello Kids Today, when Uncle August and his family reached Pyramid, So there the Egyptian Mummy woke up.

Lizzie nudged the boys and pointed to a dark yellow stone sarcophagus in the middle of the room. ‘I bet the mummy of the pharaoh is in there!’ she whispered.

Luke gazed round the room. Normally, ancient Egyptian pharaohs were buried with their treasures, but where were this pharaoh’s treasures? There were lots of beautiful pictures painted on the wall, but otherwise, the chamber was empty. He pulled his camera out and took a few pictures. ‘Come on, let’s get out of here!’

There was a sweet, sickly smell in the air again and all three of them were having trouble breathing, despite the cloths over their faces. They were quickly growing tired and finding it difficult to think straight.

Just as they were about to leave, they heard a creaking noise behind them. They stopped in their tracks. The creaking grew louder, and the three friends all held their breath. They turned, and what they saw sent a shiver down their spines.

A hand wrapped in grey bandages appeared from inside the sarcophagus and, with a loud grating noise, pushed the heavy lid to one side.

The Tiger Team was desperate to get out. but they were frozen like statues. A cloud of yellow dust rose from the sarcophagus and, again, they heard the strange droning organ noise. A second hand appeared, and still, they were unable to tear themselves away from the grisly scene.

The mummy slowly, very slowly, stood up. The pharaoh had been dead for over 3,000 years, but now he had come back to life! Lizzie, Patrick, and Luke were spellbound as it raised its strangely shaped head and looked at them with the two glowing yellow dots where its eyes should have been.

Then it began to speak in a thunderous voice, the words sounding like some mysterious ancient language. It gave a deep, gurgling moan and raised its hands in a gesture they all understood: stay away from here.

The three Tigers came to their senses and raced out of the burial chamber, along the passageway, down the steps, and back into the open air. Gasping, they sat down on a big rock.

“That… that was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!’ said Patrick. Then he stared down at his watch in amazement. ‘Hey, according to my watch, we spent three whole hours in the pyramid!’

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Lizzie and Luke looked at theirs, and sure enough three hours had gone by.

“This is like some kind of nightmare,’ exclaimed, Luke. ‘We can’t have spent more than ten minutes in there.’

‘Maybe the mummy put some kind of spell on us and we were inside the pyramid for three hours,’ Lizzie said thoughtfully.

A simple question for you?

How long was the Tiger Team in the pyramid? Ten minutes or three hours?

Give your answer in the comment section.

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