The Warning

The Warning

Uncle Augustus and his assistants were starting to recover, but they still felt weak and they were in a state of shock. They were sure something very frightening had happened to them inside the pyramid, but no one could remember any- thing about it.

Uncle Augustus and his assistants were starting to recover, but they still felt weak and they were in a state of shock.

Uncle Augustus whispered to the Tiger Team, ‘You’re going to think I’m mad … but…well, I think the pharaoh has woken from the dead!’ ‘You’re not mad. We saw it too,’ Luke replied. ‘What?’ Professor Carter snapped. ‘You mean you’ve been inside the pyramid? Who said you could go in there?’

‘Nobody,’ Luke replied. ‘You were all out for the count, so we went in to investigate.’ A man with glasses and blond curly hair came up to the professor in a state of great agitation. “The pyramid must be sealed off,’ he said urgently. ‘You must stop people going inside. I told you we should pay attention to the warning in the burial chamber.’

Professor Carter looked sheepish. ‘You’re quite right, Dr Solomon. I’ve put a lot of people’s lives at risk.’ Dr Solomon nodded vigorously. ‘You must seal off the entrance, and no one must go in there ever again!’ ‘I’ll do that, and I’m going to stop my excavations as well,’ the professor said. ‘I should never have opened up the pyramid.’ ‘Amamun’s curse is still alive and well,’ Dr Solomon said darkly.

The professor turned to Luke. ‘Listen, I’m very sorry, but you’re going to have to fly home tomorrow,’ he said. “This place is too dangerous. You can’t stay here any longer.’ He and Dr Solomon strode off to the entrance of the pyramid before the Tigers could reply.

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The three friends were extremely disappointed. They’d been so excited about their stay in Egypt. ‘What was Dr Solomon talking about when he mentioned a warning?’ Lizzie asked. Luke shrugged. Then he remembered the photos he had taken with his Polaroid camera inside the pyramid. The three of them went off to their tent to look at them.

One of the photos showed the picture-writing on the wall of the burial chamber. ‘Each picture represents one word,’ Luke explained. He switched on his handheld computer and asked it to translate the message for them. Very soon, the words of the pharaoh’s terrifying warning appeared on the screen.

I asked Simple question with you?

What does the warning say?

It’s challenge you to complete the answer & give your answer in comment section.

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