The Party

The Party

Saturday evening, before I went to bed, I packed my bag, ready for Mum and Bob to collect us on Sunday.

The Party

I couldn’t sleep.

I couldn’t see my watch in the dark, so I got up and went to the window. My watch said ten o’clock.

Then I heard Kelly’s window open. I saw her climbing out. I opened my window. “Where are you going?” I said softly.

I saw she was carrying her iPod speaker unit. The one Dad gave her for her birthday.

“Is it a party?” I said. “Can I come?”

Kelly said, “Sorry. Girls only.”

Someone had lit a bonfire up on the hill.

I saw flames leaping up and shadows moving among the stones.

I said, “Mr Frost said you were up to something.”

“He tried to frighten us off,” said Kelly. “He said if the twelve of us dance up there till after midnight the twelve stones will come to life again. Whoa ! Scary, yeah? Here’s the best bit!” Kelly laughed. “We’ll all be turned to stone in their place! Don’t look so worried, Ben. It’s just a story.”

A story. That’s all it was. That’s what I told myself, anyway. But it was cold and dark. The only noise was the wind sighing in the trees, blowing clouds across the moon, scattering the shadows.

Kelly was a pain. But she was my sister.

Nothing would happen to her up there, would it?

What would I tell Mum if it did?

It took me just a few minutes to put some clothes on and find my shoes. I climbed out of my window and followed Kelly up the hill.

Music was playing now from Kelly’s iPod speaker. Girls were dancing, giggling, chatting, passing round nibbles and cans of Coke, whatever.

“Kelly!” I said softly.

“Go away!” she said. “It’s just a party.

You’re not invited. So back off!”

I backed off.

Back down the hill and into the trees, where I tripped over something in the dark.

Another stone.

Number thirteen.

Twelve dancers – and me. Number thirteen.

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