I Take a Voyage on my Boat

I Take a Voyage on my Boat

For five years nothing very exciting happened to me. I just continued as before, growing my corn, hunting for food, and reading my Bible. During this time, I made a smaller boat. I had to dig a waterway six feet wide and four feet deep to get to the river; this took me two years.

For five years nothing very exciting happened to me. I just continued as before, growing my corn, hunting for food and reading my Bible.

When the boat was finished, I decided to make a voyage around the island. I put the sail in a boat, made out of pieces of the ship’s sails, and found it would sail very well. Then I made little boxes at each end of my canoe for food and bullets.

I put up my umbrella at the back to keep the heat of the sun off my head. Every now and then I took a little trip in my boat, but never went far from my little river. At last, however, I loaded my boat for a longer voyage, and on 6 November, in my sixth year on the island, I set out to sail around the island. All went well until the third day.

A strong current picked up my little boat and carried it out towards the open sea. I rowed as hard as I could, but the current was too strong. I was terrified- of drowning, for the sea was quite calm, but of being carried thousands of miles from land.

How I longed for my island then! Before, it had seemed like a prison. Now it seemed the most pleasant place in the world, and I felt I would give anything just to be there again.

At last, I felt the wind on my face. It idled my sail and blew me towards my island again. By now I was very far away from it; I was glad the weather was clear, for if I had lost sight of it, I might never have seen it again. At last, I saw my island’s northern shore, and what a welcome sight it was!

When I was on shore I fell to my knees and thanked God for saving me. I promised Him I would forget all thoughts of escape. I brought the boat to the shore and lay down to sleep. The voyage and its anxieties had tired me.

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I was wondering now how to reach my boat home. I didn’t want to take the dangerous route again. After walking for about three miles, I found that I had come only a little way beyond my country- house. Everything there was just as I had left it.

I crossed the fence and slept fitfully only to be awakened suddenly by a voice calling: “Robin, poor Robin Crusoe, where are you, Robin Crusoe? Where have you been?”

At first, I thought I was dreaming then I was frightened. I opened my eyes and saw my parrot Poll sitting on the fence and calling exactly as I had taught him. He had apparently missed me very much. Though he was just a parrot I was still happy to hear another voice calling my name after such a long time.

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