The Historic Egyptian Palace

The Historic Egyptian Palace

‘So, it was all just a hoax!’ Luke murmured. ‘But I still can’t understand why someone should want to dress up as a mummy. There’s nothing in the pyramid, and even the sarcophagus was probably empty.’ ‘Not quite!’ exclaimed Lizzie, pointing into the sarcophagus. ‘There’s something else inside!’

'So, it was all just a hoax!' Luke murmured. 'But I still can't understand why someone should want to dress up as a mummy.

There were two stones, both the same shape. Patrick had overcome his nerves, and now he reached inside and picked them up. They were painted, and they looked very old.

‘Maybe they were some kinds of toy to keep the pharaoh amused,’ Luke suggested. The Tigers had no idea what they were for, but they decided to take the stones with them. Luke put them in the front pocket of his bag.

Suddenly, they heard something shuffling behind them in the passageway. They whirled round and screamed with fright: it was the mummy again, standing only a few paces away and raising its arms menacingly.

‘Come on, let’s catch him!’ Patrick cried, no longer scared of the mummy now that he knew there was an ordinary person inside. He leaped towards the mummy’s bandaged face, and his two friends followed.

The mummy realised they weren’t afraid of it anymore and took flight. The Tiger Team chased it helter-skelter through the pyramid and finally reached the entrance, where the mummy took a huge leap through the door- way. It shouted something they could not understand, and then disappeared into the darkness.

‘Come on, it can’t be far away!’ Patrick yelled. The Tiger Team set off in hot pursuit, but before they had gone very far, they started to feel strange. There was a horrible smell, every- thing went black before their eyes, and they sank to the ground, unconscious…

When Luke woke up, it was daylight. He had a thumping headache, and the harsh sun hurt his eyes. He groaned, sat up, and tried to work out where he was.

He could not believe what he saw. His two friends were sitting against the pillars of ancient Egyptian palace. It was made of gleam- ng new stone, as though it had just been built. Luke stood up, all his limbs aching, and gazed round. Where on earth were they?

Simple question for kids.

Can you tell from the picture where the palace is?

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